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Isfahan city center is a mixed -use complex , offering a modern shopping mall ,an International 5-star hotel with all the facilities of a 7-star hotel, Cinema complex , Amusement park , Nation's restaurants , commercial complex , International Financial Exchange center , Office tower , International Exhibition center and Hotel apartment.

This Project will be accomplished on a 150.000 sqm land including a modern shopping mall ,an International 5-star hotel , Hotel apartment , Cinema complex , Amusement park , Nation's restaurants , commercial complex , International Financial Exchanges center , Official tower and exhibition center. It is on the crossing Road of Vahid Dastgerdi Highway & Isfahan ring road and in the compass of beautiful Soffeh mountain and the south plain of Isfahan. Other considerable characteristics of the project location are as the following:

- Coextensive with approved city development design (comprehensive & comparative plans of Isfahan)
- Being in the proximity of the populated new towns of Sepahan Shahr & Baharestan
- 15-minute distance from Isfahan international airport via the ring ways of the city
- 300-meter distance from the trans-Iranian Railway station.
- 400-meter distance from the Isfahan subway station.
- 700-meter distance from Isfahan customs
- Easy access from different areas and zones of the city and towns which are around Isfahan through the ring roads and without the need of  passing the traffic of downtown.

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